Dirty Boy Video
Try It You'll Like It
Being a straight boy, It never occurred to Troy to try to get his enormous meat in his mouth until he met us! Of course that was all we could think about after seeing this lean, smooth blond boy an...
Bareback The Video - S3
Hot hairy daddies, bears and studs were let loose. Over a dozen guys rimming each other simultaneously and lined up with dripping dicks, anxious to plow willing manholes.
Isak Ramos, Carson Lane and Zeno Alexander
Very deliberately, tall Isak Ramos exposes his edible buttcheeks just enough that Carson Lane, who looks like a double for Isak, has to grab his ass. They put on a nice show for the other two, who ...
The Dirty Director - Sc 4
The Dirty Director Michael Soldier is putting another of this stars, Brett Wolf, through his paces in a sling. The cum flies thick and fast.
Fetish Force
The Shaft - Scene 1
Miguel Leonn looks hot in leather and he has one of the finest uncut cocks in porn - here filty hottie Sean Storm takes him it the ass and guzzles his cum down his throat.
Treasure Island
Bones For Cumpuppy - Sc 3
Finally even Cumpuppy can't swallow any more. At the end you'll see a very full puppy, mouth open, unable to swallow another drop. So the men just squirt their cock-juice all over his face and rub ...
David Knows Dick - Sc 5
If you want it rough, he'll give it to you rough. If you want it loud, he'll give it to you loud. Just tell him what you want. David De Jesus knows dick, and he's not shy about showing it.
Jake Cruise
Tommy and Kyle wrestle
What a sight, two beautiful all-American hunks rubbing oil on each others naked bodies. Watch as their cocks pop up while they slip and slide against one another. There's only one way to take care ...
A sexy gay thief, looking for some hidden treasures, sneaks into an apartment while 2 boys are sleeping. Soon he makes a bit too much noise and is caught by the 2 sleeping studs! Want to guess what...
Laughing Asians
Javey Jerks Off
Cute, thin, sexy gay Asian tickle boy Javey does a striptease and foot tease with close-ups of his hot Asian boy feet. Then he laysback and jerks off until he manages to give a little pearl of cum.
Falcon TV
Hungarian Graffiti - Sc 4
Isidore Nadas and Andras Molnar have convened to pack up their paints and lay low for awhile after their latest tagging adventure was tipped off to the police. Beni Laczko and Eric Hanner arrive to...
On The Hunt
Tyler and Adam
Jeremy Hall captured these two ripped studs all hot and horny, and that was before their clothes started flying off. These two are obviously into each other as the action never stops!
High Octane
Payload - Sc 3
Now here's a great example of teamwork. When Julian and Jason find a big, thick cock poking through a gloryhole, they combine their efforts to give it a good suck and tug, before deciding to leave ...
Cocksure Men
Ladislav and Marek
Sexy Marek and steamy Ladislav, two of Prague's finest, get together for a passionate afternoon. These two could really teach lessons in hot, sexy foreplay, with all the kissing, moaning and stroki...
Dirty Dawg Productions
My Bareback Boss - Sc 3
Chad Brock and Randy Harden are taking a lunchtime quickie. They remove their suits and leave their socks on for an intense bareback fuck.
Teens and Twinks
Ripped and dark-haired Leo is a funky looking young twink. He's also dying to beat off, so we got him to strip down to that ripped, thin body and show us what he's got in this new jerk-off video.
Tribal Twinks
Caleb and David
Caleb and David swap blowjobs before getting into some naughty bareback fun in this action set. You'll love their raw fuck.
Ricky Raunch
Jack Panther and John Andrews
The scene opens with John on his hands and knees eagerly sucking and servicing Jack’s black cock. John deep throats his tool with ease as his tongue strokes his thick shaft. The sex steps into hig...
Andre Gaucho and Poax
This is Andre’s second video with a guy; and I think he is getting better and better every time. I put him with Poax, a great bottom who loves taking straight, big dick. I think this video turned o...
Joshua Stix's Audition
Joshua Stix is not the typical guy you'd find at StraightMen. But when we saw the footage, we couldn't stop talking about Joshua's "dirty talk." Having grown up in the mid-west, Joshua reminds us o...
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